How To Sell Your House Without An Estate Agent


It can be incredibly expensive to hire an estate agent, but is it really possible for you to sell your home without one? In the following article, we will show you how the answer to that question is a resounding yes. Whether you actually want to, is another thing entirely though.

Arrange a Valuation
If you are not working with an estate agent and are desperate to make this work, you need to first arrange for a valuation of your home. You can actually get a rough idea of how much you should put your home on the market by checking out sites like Zoopla that allow you to look at the prices of other places in your local area.

You may even want to consider contacting local estate agents to ask if they would be happy to give your property a free valuation without commitment.

Advertise Your House with a Company Or For Free
The first option when it comes to advertising your property, is to choose websites like Prime Location, Zoopla and Rightmove. Many of these will even put a For Sale sign up at the front of your home.

Following nicely from the above, many also will create a floor plan for you, take photographs of the property, value it and negotiate with any potential buyers.

Conversely, you could use sites like House Ladder and Property Sell, which allow you to advertise it for free and have a large audience.

Local newspapers are also a great option, as are supermarkets.

Obtain An Energy Performance Certificate
Although we have mentioned it after the above step, it is crucial that you have an Energy Performance Certificate before you put your house officially up for sale.

You need to arrange for a registered assessor to check your house out and you can search out one from the EPC site.

Arrange Times For Potential Buyers To View It
Before you move into this step, take your time to make sure your home is as presentable as it possibly can be. They will want to snoop around, so the better you make it look, the easier it will be.

You need to also be prepared to answer a long list of questions.

Determine your lowest price you will drop to, before you actually start negotiating and stick to it.

Avoid even contemplating dropping below this number. A rejected offer can always be reviewed and reconsidered at a later time if you struggle to find buyers willing to pay your asking price.

Once you eventually find a buyer, you could hire a solicitor to help complete the property sale and make it official. Evidently, the above is a brief insight into what you could do if you decided to sell your property without an estate agent. Remember though, you may not like their fees or them as a breed, but they exist for a reason because they make this area in life a little easier. However, if you are happy doing it yourself, just go for it!