Handy Tips for Sending Packages to Australia via Couriers

Australia may be the other side of the world, but has a strong connection to the UK, with a large number of expats living there and many more over there holidaying, backing packing and studying. Because of this, there are numerous ways to send items and packages to the land down under for. So many ways and a lot of different rules, regulations and pitfalls that could cause problems for you. To ensure you can send any items to Australia without problems, we have put together a list of tips below to help when booking personal courier delivery services.

Check Your Items Are OK to Ship to Australia

Similarly, to here in Britain, there are various items that are restricted and prohibited and therefore can’t be sent to Australia using a courier service. While the items you are sending may just be bog standard and nothing unusual, you should still make sure it’s okay to send them to the country because inadvertently they may not be allowed to enter the country.

Examples of prohibited items are:

  • Washing preparations and soaps
  • Bulbs and living plants and trees
  • Used or new fruit cartons
  • Leather goods

Check the Cost of the Items You Are Sending

There is a pro-forma invoice that you need to complete and five different copies that need to be attached to the outer packaging of your parcel. This invoice describes the value and details of everything in your package and means that customs officer at Australia can just check them and they won’t have to be opened to checked.

The number to remember is 1,000, because if your parcel has a lower value than 1,000 Australian dollars, roughly £482, you don’t have to pay extra taxes or duty. If it is over that amount, you will have to fill other paperwork out and that could mean additional costs.

Ensure the Packaging is Robust Enough to Travel to Australia

It is recommended that you ensure the packaging is strong and new when you are sending a parcel anywhere. However, it is vital when sending stuff abroad as far across the world to Australia. It could be that your package is travelling by air, sea or road and may even be sorted and scanned in various depots. So, its hopefully clearer now why the right packaging is so crucial.

Make Sure You Choose a Reputable Courier Service

Although you could send things by Royal Mail, it may be better value for money and get there quicker if you send it using a reputable courier service. There are lots out there, so don’t just base it on the price, but also look at things like customer reviews, their delivery times, whether they have insurance and how long they have been in business.

It can be tricky when you have to send packages around the world to Australia. However, it doesn’t have to be. Hopefully, if you are looking to send things via a courier to Australia that the above post has helped you.