Google Trends Analyst Discusses Impending Mobile Ranking Developments

This week, Google trends analyst Gary Illyes discussed impending developments relating to the Google search ranking algorithm for mobiles. In talks with SEOs, Illyes revealed some interesting details about the upcoming changes.

No Ranking Advantage

For some time, Google has been promoting responsive design as a good approach for tackling mobile traffic. However, it will not be utilized within the new algorithm, because alternative mobile website options are as effective. It is thought that responsive design offers Google no ranking advantage.

Mobile Compatibility Is Changing

In order to work out if a website is mobile friendly, Google analyses every page of content. For website owners, this means that all pages have to be mobile optimized. Your online platform could still fail, even if the majority of pages are deemed suitable.

Waiting On a Tablet Only Ranking

The Google trends analyst has confirmed that Google has no intention to start work on an algorithm designed for tablet devices.

Determining the Effect on Desktop

According to Illyes, the algorithm development will have no effect on desktop. Yet, some web managers are skeptical about this claim.

Finding a Launch Date

During the discussion, Illyes was asked to talk about the launch date for the algorithm. On the whole, he stayed rather cagey, but did concede that April would be an important month, so make sure you take advantage of this free mobile friendly website test.

Meeting the Algorithm Deadline

He was just as cagey about whether not there will be a period of suspension between preparing a website for mobile optimization, and having it rank. In his words, website managers should aim to have their content prepared by the end of April.

Platforms Must Be CSS Compatible

If your online platform is not set to allow for JavaScript and CSS, it will not gain approval from Google for mobile compatibility. This is the case whether or not the rest of the website is well matched. It is important let CSS and JavaScript operate, and to let Googlebot index your content.

A Change and a Delay

As for how long it will take mobile friendly websites to reap the benefits, the analyst said “As soon as we confirm that a webpage is mobile optimized, the content will be accurately ranked.”

A Separate Mobile Index

In regards to a separate mobile index, Google has surprised website managers by announcing that work has begun on the resource. He would not discuss how far it had progressed, and stated that there was no major news to report.

Negating the Need for NoScript

A lot of website managers used to employ NoScript when JavaScript was not operational. However, Illyes has confirmed that Google will detect NoScript, and eradicate it whilst indexing JavaScript.