Essential Racking Accessories for Warehouse Safety

If you are looking for a storage system for a warehouse, then pallet racking is one of the best choices you could make. One of the main advantages of this type of system is that there are a lot of accessories that can be used to make the system even more efficient. The different types of accessories and how they can be used are discussed in more detail below, or you can see more here.

Load Signs on The Racking

One of the most important accessories that you can add to your pallet racking is signs that clearly state the maximum load. If even just one person is unaware of how much can be loaded on to the racking safely then it places everyone in danger. These signs should be placed in a prominent position so that can be seen by everyone that uses the racking. This means that people will be able to assess whether more things can be added or not. There are companies that will make customised signs for you and this can help ensure that everyone is getting accurate information.

Protective Columns and Barriers

Forklift trucks are more than likely an essential part of your warehouse as they are the most efficient way to move goods around. However, they also have the potential to cause a lot of damage to your racking. Some of this damage can be avoided by having column guards and safety barriers attached to the racking. These accessories can really help to prolong the life of your racking as they are very effective at minimising damage.

Beam Safety Locks

It is also quite easy for beams to become damaged by forklift trucks and so you should consider having safety locks in place. The manufacturer of the racking will probably notify you that beam safety locks are recommended. The biggest danger when it comes to beams is that they will get dislodged and fall to the ground along with anything that is on them at the time. When they are secured in place using a safely lock then this no longer becomes an issue, and this will benefit everything that is working within the warehouse.

Support Bars

If the pallets that you store on your racking can be classified as heavy, then support bars can be a really useful accessory. As the name suggests they will provide extra support to the racking so that it can manage these extra loads. They can be attached directly to the frame of the racking and so there is no need for any modifications to be made. Support bars can also be a useful solution if you have pallets that are weakening or have already started to sag.

Protective Mesh

If your warehouse is designed so that there are walkways between the racking, then mesh is something which can really help to protect workers and visitors. The mesh can be attached to the racking and will prevent anything from falling off and potentially hitting someone below. This is one of the cheapest safety measures that you can put in place in your warehouse but also one of the most effective.