Businesses that Utilize Tamper Evident Security Bags

The popularity of tamper evident security bags is increasing in various business sectors. These tough little bags are used to transport money and other valuable items. The security provided by these bags such as those sold by Versapak France is unprecedented.

Tamper evident bags are produced to be either multi-use or single use. The multi-use bags are tough and provide a strong resistance against wear and tear while providing the highest quality protection for the contents. Single-use tamper-evident bags can only be used once. Once the seal is broken and the contents removed, the bag needs to be disposed of. Here are some of the industries which make use of tamper evident security bags:

Cash-In-Transit – CIT

Companies which specialize in moving large amounts of money, make use of tamper-evident bags along with armed security guards. The tamper evident bags offer an additional layer of security to the transportation of money and valuables. The use of these bags discourages tampering and theft. While many companies transporting money make use of multi-use bags for their protection against chemicals and heat, they are also known to make use of single-use bags. Additionally, the bags can be manufactured in a variety of sizes to suit any need.


Many reputable jewelers make use of tamper-evident bags during the transportation of high-value items. These could include diamonds and pieces of designer jewelry from one point to another. In this industry is it recommended to make use of multi-use bags for their durability and additional safety measures which can include extra locking mechanisms.

Police Departments

Various police departments around the world make use of single-use tamper-evident bags. The bags are designed to cause an irreversible tear if any attempt is made to open the bag. Additionally, a tape seal at the opening of the bag is an extra measure of security. The seal has the ability to trap water should someone try to use heated water to release the seal. These bags are specifically designed to be used in the evidence gathering process. The single-use bags produced for police departments are used given unique barcodes or serial numbers for ease of tracking during investigations.



Courier companies worldwide make use of single-use tamper-evident bags in the transportation of packages. The bags are manufactured in a variety of colors and sizes to suit the specifications of each individual client. The bags are also tear resistant. The tough seal used to close the bag is also its key feature. Any attempt to tamper with the seal would leave noticeable evidence behind.


International airports around the world make use of single-use tamper-evident bags in their duty-free department stores. The tamper evident bags allow passengers to buy various liquids during their travels without risking confiscation of goods. Many of the bags are manufactured with a high tack seal which is also pressure sensitive. In many cased the seal also contains wording. When the seal is broken the wording will stand out and the passenger could stand to have their goods confiscated.